Sunday, 15 February 2015

Yankin' My Horn

If you fancy making your bath extra special whilst harking back to your Disney days I suggest taking a little trip to lush for their ADORKABLE 'Unicorn Horn'. Yes my friends, that is it's actual name. Who else feels warm and fuzzy?

Described as a "one way trip to the end of the rainbow", I'm 100% on board and with a refreshing-come-relaxing blend of Neroli and Lavender it smells all kinds of heavenly.

Lush advise patrons to "keep this horn on hand" for any bath-related emergency. Simply crumble under the running water for an explosion of colourful candy bubbles. You can ration this magical extravaganza by breaking off small chunks to ensure multiple bath-time fun or go the whole hog (or horn in this case) for the bath of all baths. In any case, it's an essential for those young at heart or with a penchant for bubble baths!

Here's to unicorns, Agnes, hit it...

Love Elle 


  1. Aw I went into Lush today and was so close to buying it. I am obsessed with Unicorns, but I just couldn't part with the cash, after spending a little to much already! I will have to buy it soon though, it looks and smells amazing!

    Love Lucy x

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