Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Brighton Days: Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

With the bank holiday weekend calling, me and the fam hit one of our favourite haunts… Brighton. We went to the Pier, Snooper's Paradise, The Pavilion Gardens, all the usual touristy hotspots and had a jolly ol' time. Here are some pics from our travels.

Brighton is one of my all time favourite places to go to because it has so much on offer. All the shops you'd need to fill any retail whim. There's your Topshops, Zara (and Zara Home very important :p) as well as Space NK, Kiehls, Jo Malone and the whole bank busting squad of beautifully unaffordable products to make every girl swoon. Then they have a whole plethora of independents unique to Brighton, with the historic lanes featuring high-end boutiques, cookery shops and sweet emporiums as well as the camden style north laines and an abundance of cupcake shops, cookie stalls and bakeries… Dangerous stuff. Of course then you have the whole seaside element - the pier, the rides… the DODGEMS (can you hear the joy as I'm writing). It's basically like a laid back London on sea… and I can work with that!

So without further ado, here's some of the things we got up to...

Drinks at the Steak on Sea 

Brighton Sunset

Bills for Breakfast

 Mmm Pancakes

After breakfast we went for a walk along the North Laines and lost Issy in Snooper's Paradise which she has decided is her favourite place in the world. She picked up an old fashioned, Sherlock Holmes-y style magnifying glass. Coz every girl's got to have one of them right? And I picked up a little old fashioned Globe to sit on my bookshelf.

 Then we wandered back to the seafront through the Pavilion Garden's

We ended our time there with a drink on the beach in the sunshine.

All in all a pretty perfect get-away. So if you're looking for a little vacay at the tail-end of summer, I'd give Brighton my vote!

Love Elle xo

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