Wednesday, 11 June 2014

SEAMS Hand Cream Review

It's not often I get excited over a hand cream but with the weather playing havoc with my skin and my nails prone to peeling after too much polish I've been turning to this little beaut on a daily hourly basis. 

Created by fashion insider Karen Gerrard after the use of hot irons, sharp scissors and constantly dipping her digits in water led to unhappy hands, this hand cream is specially formulated to dry super-fast so that there's no transfer of greasy residue onto clothing. This makes it perfect for on the go and means smearing moisturiser down my jeans on the tube are a thing of the past.

The bedside and handbag essential

Shea Butter is used to protect your paws and Macadamia Nut Oil softens and improves suppleness whilst Keratin helps strengthen nails *admires smooth, shiny nails*. Other ingredients include Garden Cress, Fragonia and Glycerin which results in a heady, fresh, botanical scent which just smells like it's working!

The flip cap is easy for use and I much prefer it to fiddly screw tops plus it's the only product that's help to improve the appearance of my chipped nails.

So for a handy hand cream that mends, nourishes, softens and soothes, this one's got my vote. You can pick it up for £9.50 from Seams Beauty online.

Love Elle xo
*PR Sample

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