Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Got my Brows Did: HD Brows Review

What with exams and dissertations galore, these old brows of mine have been backbenched for quite some time, the result was that come the end of said exam period, I was rocking a full on monobrow. I'd wanted to try HD Brows for agesssss and one of bezzies gave me a voucher for my Birthday (back in January) so I thought I'd put it to good use. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is my HD Brows experience…

I went to the H:Room in Reading, so if any of you live around these here parts I'd really recommend it! My HD Brow Stylist Gemma started off by tinting my brows before leaving the tint to set in… Cue #SalonSelfie, check out the Scouse brow...

Such a catch ;) 

But fear not! Once the dye had dried, she wiped away the excess before trimming my bushy brows. Next she measured my eyebrows and marked where to shape them to keep them symmetrical before waxing. Then came threading, and then plucking, finally she filled them in with some of the HD Brow pencil.

After finishing, she ran through how I should maintain them and what products would best suit my brows, plus different looks for day to night. 

Overall I'm really happy with them and so glad I did it as my brows actually have some shape to them now! The whole procedure cost £35 which is quite pricey but if you have a birthday or an important event coming up (post exam knees up?) I'd really recommend it!

Love Elle xo 

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