Wednesday, 30 April 2014

NARS Orgasm Lipgloss

When it comes to lip products, I am OBSESSED! I have a bulging drawer full of lipstick's, glosses and balms. I was actually given this lipgloss for Christmas after lusting after it for agessss (despite the *ahum* interesting choice of name). But when I first tried it on I was a little underwhelmed. I tried it a couple of times before it joined the other legion of infrequently used lip products in the back of my drawer.

However, after recently rediscovering it and giving it another whirl, I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised and have been reaching for it every day...

I have naturally quite berry coloured lips so I often have to nude them out before I apply a lighter lip shade and I think this is where I was going wrong before. Paired with a lighter lipstick underneath such as MAC "Creme Cup" or "Apple Blossom" from Natural Collection this shade has really been rocking! I think it would look beautiful on fairer girls, but when worn correctly it can really be worn by anybody!

It's not too sticky, it's fragrance free so there are no funky smells going on and it applies beautifully. The only drawback is the staying power. This stuff doesn't stick around for too long so you will have to reapply.

Overall though, I love it! So if any of you have a neglected lip product drawer, have a rustle through and see if you rediscover a new fave!

Love Elle xo

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