Thursday, 10 April 2014

L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim

I am a liner gal through and through. A makeup day always involves a quick slick of the stuff. I've tried just mascara or shading some shadow across my lash line but I just don't feel done without it. So, it goes without saying that I've tried a fair few liners in my time and funnily enough the one that made its way to top of the class was a liquid liner from budget brand 2True which I spoke about here. However, in that same post I noted my interest in felt-tip liners having been disappointed by the Collection offering. Now almost a year later, I think I've found my ideal feline-flick inducing felt tip. Here's the low-down on L'Oreal's Super Liner Perfect Slim.

Let's start with the shape, I think this would be perfect for anyone new to liner, or who finds it difficult to apply. We've all been there, you've got somewhere special to go so you think, I know, I'll channel my inner Kim K with a slick of black liner... and you emerge from the bathroom sporting something more like Amy Winehouse, except that the eyeliner starts somewhere halfway up your eyelid, ooosh. But everyone's used to using a pen for writing, and this handy pen packaging translates just as easily to your eyes so its a very comfortable shape to start off with. Its easy to grip and gives great precision.

The teeny tiny nib is perfect for creating a super slim line for a subtle, barely there look which can be quite hard to achieve with other liners and the consistency is great as it is damp enough to glide across your lid without tugging but drier than most liquid liners and therefore much more smudge proof! But it's versatile as depending on the pressure you put on the nib you can go for a thick flick or a subtle slick.

Its pricier than my old champion, the 2True liquid liner, which rolled in at a super purse friendly £1.99, but I find that after a while the nib on that liner loses its shape and it becomes quite tricky to achieve a slim line after a few applications. Having said that, L'Oreal's Perfect Slim is a lot less pricey than some of the other liners out there and hits the stands at a modest £6.99 which is well worth it for the quality!

So if you're looking for a simple but effective eye liner without a high-end price tag, look no further than L'Oreal!

Love Elle xo

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