Sunday, 13 April 2014

Barry M Huckleberry Gelly Nail Paint

Spring has finally sprung and I for one couldn't be happier! And with the introduction of a new season, I thought my nail wardrobe could also benefit from a Spring clean. I've pushed the ruby, berry and navy shades to the side in favour of pretty pastels and bright corals. But my current nail clinch of choice? Dum, dum dum, introducing, Barry M's Nail Gelly in "Huckleberry".

I know, I know, pastels in Spring? Hardly groundbreaking. But when the sunny weather breaks through those clouds, I'm all for pretty ice cream hues to adorn these wee digits of mine, they just make me feel Spring-y... y'know?

My fave shade so far is Barry M's "Huckleberry", a muted, milky baby blue, which looks chic and fresh and just... totally rocks okay! The gelly formula is nice and thick and leaves a healthy sheen even without a top coat, plus it's pretty darn chip resistant! Of course, being of the "pastel" variety, said shade needs a good 2 to 3 coats before it becomes opaque... But here, hard work pays off as you'll be left rocking the prettiest little paws for any occasion. 

So, yup, Huck's my new nail bezzie, but a little bird told me there's a couple more shades in the collection... So "Rose Hip" and "Sugar Apple", you're next!

Love Elle xo 

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