Friday, 4 April 2014

Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque and Co.

When it comes to skincare I have a bevvy of concerns I have to wrestle with before I can even think about making a purchase. My skin is sensitive which means very strong botanical products are usually a no-go. It's quite dry so I try to avoid anything too astringent or stripping but it's also blemish prone around my chin. This translates to "I need a product which is gentle enough for sensitive skin, nourishing for the old dry patches but can clear away any troublesome spots". I'm aware that this sounds like quite the task and I was fully prepared to accept that such a product did not exist and I would have to layer different products - a hydrating moisturiser with a targeted blemish gel - to satisfy all three skincare requirements... Until... I heard the Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque being knocked around the blogosphere as a multi-tasking do-it-all hero skincare product. Cue a trip to Selfridges Beauty Hall. The rest, as they say, is history...

When I first tried it out on the back of my hand I felt slightly concerned as it does have that strong botanical scent that I'm often wary of, my last soiree with botanicals left me sporting a rather fetching rash for a good two weeks, mmm sexy, but after cautiously patch testing a dab across my jawline I went wild and applied it all over my face. It worked an absolute treat! It evened out my skin tone and any blemishes were visibly reduced, seriously, I was like "where did they go?" Plus the clay helped to extract any approaching impurities by deep cleaning clogged pores. The overall effect is clearer, brighter, balanced skin, amen to that!

I was also given some little testers to try out. So far I've been really enjoying the Camelia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream and the Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil. But I did go a bit mad the second time I used the masque and threw all three products on together (oil then masque then cream) which made my skin do a temporary freak out (a little warm, prickly sensation) which I worried was going to develop into the aforementioned rash. But panic over everything calmed down in minutes and worked again perfectly. However, I would just say to any fellow gals with super sensitive skin to use these products independently rather than together if you're worried about any flare ups as when I used the masque on its own it felt much more comfortable than most and didn't leave that "tight face" feeling. Plus my skin was left looking the best its looked in months... Clear, even and radiant!

It's still early days, but I think I might have found another product worthy of making itself comfy in my permanent skincare cluster...

Love Elle xo

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