Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Sunday Post #3 The Face Mask...

It's the end of term at uni which means stress levels are nearing their peak and I am breaking out left right and centre. I've had so little time that no-makeup days have become a daily thing. Some may say that this is a benefit as it's letting my skin breathe. I would argue its a bit of a nightmare as when everything's nicely covered up with makeup I tend to leave my face alone... No makeup days mean that blemish staring at me in the mirror is just taunting me. However, when it comes to tackling them, I've been turning to my old faithful Good Things Five Minute Facial. Clear skin in minutes? Here are the deets...

I'm usually a little wary of clarifying face masks as they tend to be quite drying and I'm a naturally dry-skinned kinda gal, but with soothing ingredients like avocado, this mask manages to draw out impurities without leaving your face feeling like a Rhino's knee cap (that's what we like to see!) One of the most distinctive things about the Good Things range is the scent. Their products smell delicious and the best thing? They're suitable for sensitive skin, so if you're prone to product induced flare ups *raises hand* then this could be the brand for you.

It's comfortable to wear and less tight than usual clay masks, so you can still move your face whilst wearing it which is always a plus. It has a squeezy tube applicator which means no getting messy with potted products and its purse friendly at only £5.99, hallelujah

 I like to use this once every week or two to keep blemishes at bay and it does a really lovely job.

So for a mask that you can count on to leave you with clear, radiant skin, I'm backing Good Things all the way...

Love Elle xo

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