Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My Blush Crush: Sleek Blush by 3 in Californ.i.a.

Who else has been avidly tuning in to watch the latest Daily Mix Beauty Bootcamp videos?! *raises hand* Well I noticed that Ava has been doing her own little series of vids to go alongside them to document her experience which I think is an amazing idea. In one of her video's (link) she went through the products that they were given on set to make up their kits and one little palette stood out and said "Elle, buy me, go on..." Okay so it didn't actually say that, but you get the jist...

Long story short, I ended up in Superdrug the next day with my eyes peeled for the Sleek Blush by 3 palette in Californ.i.a, a peachy perfect, creamy summer must-have for dewy sunkissed cheeks. I managed to pick up the last palette *fist pumps* and began unwrapping it as I was leaving the store.

I've always been a big fan of Sleek products but I was surprised at just how much I loved this product. I have another Sleek Blush by 3 palette in the shade "Lace" which is a failsafe if I'm not sure which blush to reach for. But this palette is a bit different as it contains 3 cream blush shades as opposed to the usual powder formulation which make up most of the other Sleek palettes. I've been having a bit of a "cream blush" moment of late. I don't know why, I'm just obsessed with the stuff. I think that the dewy effect it leaves on the cheeks is just more youthful and fresh and with the British climate there's little risk of it melting off my face when the sun does occasionally decided to make an appearance. Having said that, I'm much more picky when it comes to cream formulations. I think if they're gonna be creamy they should stay that way which is why I'm not fond of the cream to powder textures that dry to a matte finish, sorta defeats the point of a cream texture dont'cha think? This palette manages to maintain exactly the right balance between being dewy without being too dewy. Its glowy as opposed to shiny and has a subtle shimmer that looks stunning in the sunshine.

They are very pigmented so you only need to use a light hand, but they blend beautifully so even when you do apply a touch too much you can always whack out your trusty blending brush to solve any "red-faced" moments so I think this would be a good cream blush to start with if you've never tried one out before. I like to apply the product by dabbing my finger into the product, striping it onto my cheek by starting on the apples and tracing it up towards my ear, then I grab my brush and blend, blend, blend.

L to R: The OC, The Surf, Newport Peach

The actual colours themselves are beautiful sunny shades, starting with O.C which is a coral-peach shade which would work well on all skin tones. The Surf is a very light peachy pink which would beautifully on fairer skin tones as a subtle blush but would probably be more fitting as a highlighter on slightly darker complexions. Finally Newport Peach, is peachy as it suggests in its name but with a deep pink undertone it would work well on all skin tones but as it is the most opaque of the three shades, would need some more working in on paler skin tones to avoid looking to harsh.

Overall, I really love this palette and foresee my cracking it open all over the summer months. The price is very reasonable too at only £9.99 for the three shades. So head down to Superdrug now!

What's your cream blush crush? 

Love Elle xo 

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