Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Nail Drawer Discovery: Essie Fiji

What can I say guys, I'm sick of winter... I've had deep berry and red shades adorning my nails since about October and it's time to say enough is enough. So feeling a little restless I had a fumble through my fave nail polishes to find a Spring shade to lighten and brighten things up again. And what should I find but my old faithful Essie Fiji,  it's been too long...

Firstly I think now is as good a time as any to bang on about the formula of Essie nail polishes in general... my god, they are just too good. Flawless, chip resistant coats in one stroke? Essie's yo' gal. Plus the brush is an absolute babe, nice and chunky so it fits your whole nail in one smooth motion.

Being a light shade, Fiji did require a layer or two to achieve the opacity that I like but I'm a two coat kinda girl generally so that wasn't a problem. Now onto the best bit... the colour. It's so fresh and pretty but without the barbie-ness that you can get from really bright pinks. The milky hue just tones the whole look down to make it much more sleek and understated plus the light shade really compliments most skin tones as it makes skin look more awake and healthy... Do you guys agree? For some reason lighter tips just give the allusion of a more tanned skin tone non? And right now anything that will make my milk bottle digits look slightly more exotic is a win in my book *yearns for summer holiday...*

So to brighten up a grey January day, why not try searching through your forgotten nail polishes... you may just find a gem!

Love Elle xo

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