Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The White Company Wild Mint Candle

I know, I know, I know... I'm supposed to be cracking on with the dissertation but I'm currently having a little study break and I thought I just had to share my latest product discovery. Because it is the best smelling candle I have ever owned. Hands. Down...

From the title, some of you may have guessed that the candle in question is The White Company's Wild Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint and White Tea candle. Yes it's beautiful, yes it's luxurious and my god is it expensive (at £26 yelp) but it is one of the best investments I have ever made.

Last night I got in late, lit this baby up and settled into bed to do some work and within literally two minutes the room was filled with the most beautiful, calming fragrance. 

I have owned tons and tons of candles but to be honest I've always felt a bit disappointed by the smell which is strong in the jar but never really fills the room. This candle however has such a strong throw but the scent itself is really soft and relaxing - a real natural, minty fragrance to create a little zen in my room. It feels really light and airy rather than cloying and heavy like some scents can but you could smell if from the hallway and this morning when I walked back into my room after a shower I could still smell the fresh scent resonating from the jar whilst not even lit.

In my books its an absolute winner (more for my nose rather than my wallet *cryyy*) so if you can bear to part with the £26 price tag you will honestly be buying yourself a little piece of fragrance heaven - ahhh, it's love...

Love Elle xo 

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