Sunday, 5 January 2014

Favourites of 2013

This is by no means extensive as I've set myself a challenge of limiting myself to one favourite per category, and thought I haven't completely succeeded in keeping every answer to one favourite, here's a slimline version of my favourite's of 2013...




Mascara | I'm quite fickle when it comes to mascara. I'm lucky enough to have naturally long lashes but the one that saves my bacon when it comes to those pesky bottom lashes is the aptly named Bottom Lash Mascara by Clinique.

Perfume | 2013 has been the year of perfume for me, I've been sniffing my way through a multitude of scents but the standout for me has to be Jo Malone. The reason? Their scents are so distinctive and beautiful and they are not afraid to play with a whole variety of fragrances... who'd have thought to combine Earl Grey and Cucumber? But my absolute fave is Blackberry and Bay.

Body Product | I'm always rotating my body products. Usually I just pick whichever looks good in my local supermarket or whatever's on special offer in Boots... But Rituals Fortune Scrub has had me hooked on shower time. The combination of sweet orange and cedar has had me positively drooling and the best part? This gentle exfoliant leaves my skin feeling buffed and beautiful, strokes legs...

Blogger | This was probably the trickiest fave to choose from all the categories, I read hundreds of blogs and have a tonne of favourites but I have to hand it to Vivianna Does MakeupFor daily beauty musings and the latest cult products, look no further than Anna's blog. I read this everyday for skinspiration and its warm, witty tone. This is a feel-good blog that will have your lusting after every product featured. But watch out as Anna is the ultimate enabler! 

Magazine | Unlike the previous fave, this was easy peezy to pick. Every month I wait with bated breath for the release of Company Magazine before skipping down to the shop, piggy bank in tow. But in the meantime I fill the void by keeping a watchful eye on their twitter feed which is brimming with insider tips and tricks and laugh out loud posts. If you haven't already, check it out now, it's dreamy...

So face, skin, body and blogs covered, those were the little gems that made my year. What made yours? 

Love Elle xo 

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