Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bedroom Musings

Bedroom Musings

Recently when scrolling through the pages of the old www. I came across Rebecca whose  beautiful instagram and blog "From Roses" have had me lusting after an interior tweak in the form of these little additions seen above...

My bedroom is already fairly minimal. I like a clean, classy look which is still cosy enough to brave the winter weather in. But most of all I love a killer dressing table and all things organisational. I already have one of the cult Ikea white lace pots which currently houses my little palm-tree plant, Arthur but I'd like another one to hold my skincare cluster which is currently strewn across my desk.

I always love fresh flowers in a cute little vase (Aldi are super cheap for this) as it makes my room look and feel so much fresher! And a girl can never have enough candles, in fact I have one winging its way to me in the post as we speak.

So if you're looking for interior inspiration have a gander at From Roses, but be warned you'll need to plan an excursion to IKEA...

Love Elle xo 


  1. I love everything at Ikea, It's very simple and calming :)
    Great inspiration post and what a great blog you have!
    Elephant stories and more

  2. Thanks so much! Means a lot! Yeah I could spend hours in IKEA!

    Elle x

  3. I absolutely love Rebecca's blog and instagram, she really is the queen of room decor!
    That floral duvet cover is so pretty!
    amyalaska | Beauty & Lifestyle blog

    1. I know I'm addicted to it! Yeah I love it too but I've ikea'd it and its out of stock everywhere at the moment *cryyy* hopefully they'll get it back in stock soon! x