Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Banish Bags...

If you're anything like me then you'll know that wrestling against those pesky dark circles can be an absolute mission - too light a concealer and you end up sporting grey under-eye bags, too dark and you're just adding to the problem.

Which is why Bobbi Brown thought it wise to correct before concealing... It's been a revelation!

I admit that in the picture the shade of said corrector looks a little scary (perhaps a touch too orange non?) But the trick here is to correct. The salmon tone helps to counter the blue of your under-eyes to cancel it out so once I place the orangey-pink tone on top of my bags the result is a neutralizing effect which matches the rest of my skin tone. I use the shade bisque as I have a medium skin tone but they have a really wide colour range to suit all different skin types. Then if you like a Kim K style highlight under your eyes you can always add the old touche eclat later. 

The consistency is quite thick which means it's not the most blendable of products but it does make it fairly opaque. I use a Real Techniques Shading Brush to apply it by pushing my brush into the product and placing it where I need it. Then I use my ring finger to pat it in. You need a light hand with this as layering it on too thick could lead to it creasing.

Overall though, the Bobbi Brown Corrector is my fave corrector/concealer to date and as a long-suffering bag battler I can finally enjoy some respite while my gal Bobbi does all the work... ahhh

Love Elle xo 

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