Thursday, 2 January 2014

An H²omage to Water

If you're looking for a new resolution to take you into the new year why not turn your attention to the simple glass of water? Jam-packed with nutrients and savvy skincare goodness, making the old Volvic your new bff may be the best move you could make for your body and complexion. Here's why...

1. Diet
If you were thinking of tackling that newly formed muffin top - the result of overindulging on too much turkey, christmas pud and... well muffins - then why not start with our old friend aqua. Consuming water is a good way to fight the fat as it offers another alternative to some of our fave bevvies - fizzy drinks, alcohol and juice - and the best part? It's calorie free *hallelujah*. Obviously pure water is the best way to go, but for those of us who find it tasteless, it's not the worst sin in the world to add a teensy bit of squash... right? It's also great way to curb your appetite. Often us humans mistake the feeling of thirst for that of hunger which sees us munching on the nearest digestive before we can say McVities. Try drinking a big glass of water first and waiting for 20 minutes and often you'll find that you weren't hungry at all.

2. Boost Energy
Dehydration can sap the energy from even the most sprightly of us leaving us feeling tired, and dizzy... Keeping on top of your water intake really can make a big difference so its worth keeping a bottle handy.

3. Goodbye Headaches...
We've all been there, it's five o'clock on a Friday afternoon and you're nursing a banging headache... ouch. No, this isn't the outcome of a night on the town, and no you're not coming down with something. And then you realise "dang it, I haven't had a drink all day" bingo... Cue a mahusive glass of water and you'll be feeling better in no time. But to prevent the onslaught of future dehydration headaches it's just best for everyone involved keep on glugging at that glass...

4. Cleansing
I don't want to get too scientific here, but the best way to flush out all those unwanted nasties and toxins is with the old faithful *all together now* glass of water nuff said.

5. Happy, Healthy Looking Skin
Finally, the one we've all been waiting for... You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it. Water is an absolute skincare savior and yet it is so often overlooked. Whilst investing in umpteen bottles of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair and scrolling through endless pages of Cult Beauty is all well and good, if you look after your insides, you'll look great on the outside. One glass of water is a start but it won't make a difference overnight. Getting into the habit of regularly drinking water can transform your skin, vanquish blemishes and give you that elusive glow that we're all after...

So turn on the tap and get gulping... Water we raise our glass...

Love Elle xo 


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