Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bumble and Bumble Surf Travel Set

So after hearing amazing things about the whole beachy hair brand, I thought I'd jump on the Bumble and Bumble band wagon. The results? Not exactly what I expected...

As a firm favourite amongst celebs and beauty bloggers alike, I had high hopes for this little trio and after scouting it out in my local Boots I could not wait to get home and give them a try. And after a vigorous rinse, wash and blow dry, I found myself... well, a little underwhelmed. Yes, the shampoo and conditioner are good. They do the job and add a little extra texture to my hair, but then, so do all my shampoo's and conditioners.The scent is pleasant but not very strong (no Herbal Essence's style "ahhh"-inducing moments I'm afraid) and I was disappointed to see the packaging crumble away into my conditioner so that I was greeted by a white creamy mass with blue crumbly flecks of the writing speckled through (notice the writing missing from the conditioner bottle above). It wasn't a major issue but I expected more from such an expensive brand (the full size of this conditioner is around £21!). 

However, it did leave my hair feeling lighter after it dried as usually my freshly washed hair feels heavy and laden down with products and I have a lot of time for the surf spray which gave my long locks a lovely beachy texture.

Overall, though I was disappointed with the packaging I really did like the light-weight texture the shampoo and conditioner gave me, which is why they are probably the best in my hair care collection. But for the price I think I would hesitate before buying them again, especially since I use a LOT of shampoo and conditioner in order to make it possible for a brush to make its way through my tangles and I think Bumble and Bumble would be a very costly investment for regular use. I made my way through the 60ml travel sizes in only a couple of washes. However, I've really been enjoying the surf spray and this could possibly make the cut in a future repurchase, although I was pleased with the amount I received in the travel set (as unlike the shampoo and conditioner, a little of this goes a long way) so I'm hoping it will last me a fair while.

So with pro's for the product but cons for the packaging and price, the Bumble and Bumble Surf Travel Set has left me a little on the fence.