Thursday, 18 July 2013

Small Changes, Big Difference

 Before                                                          After

Before                                                  After

Okay, so a bit of a different post today, I'm thinking more home deco than beauty blogging but I'm hoping you guys will still like it!

After moving back from Uni, I've been slowly chipping away at my room (which has remained the same since I was 12) to try and bring it up to date and more appropriate for a 20 year old. After surfing Jenna Sue's blog and swooning at her impeccable interiors (this woman can do no wrong!) I turned my attention to my bedroom. Nothing too extravagant or expensive (though I am planning to paint my barbie pink walls *eek* a more calming ocean blue *ahhh*) but some small, simple changes have really helped to transform my room.

First things, first, the base of my divan bed looked less than pretty with its questionable pattern and clunky metal joints on show, but after scanning the internet and an £11.99 Ruched Divan Trim from Dunelm later, my bed looked much more luxurious and cushy (like a big marshmallow). A simple, sophisticated solution in seconds makes Elle a very happy clam.

Next I turned my attention to my curtains (which I'm actually still fond of 8 years later) but just to cheer them up slightly I coiled some led fairy lights from The Range (available in store but not online) across my curtain pole for some added sparkle (you can never have too much of that!) Though I do miss the pretty lilies from the before pic *must get some flowers!*

So that's all for today folks but if you liked this post, let me know and I'll make sure I update you as I update my room!