Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Makeup Storage

Now I know that this may not be as glamorous as Kim K's acrylic Cube but for storage on a budget, I kind of love it. Being very OCD when it comes to organisation and having just returned back from uni for the summer, with a gazillion bags in tow, finding a place for everything fell to the top of my agenda. I liked how at uni, everything had a place and was easily accessible... everything except for my makeup which found itself scattered around my room in various bags and drawers.

Which is why, when sorting out my room at home, I thought I'd invest in some serious storage solutions. But, I had a student budget to bare in mind, so expensive storage was out of the question and MUJI wasn't easily available to me as the items I liked were out of stock online and I don't live near a store, plus I wanted spacious drawers rather than the slim ones. So after surfing the web for several hours, I reluctantly settled on this set from ASDA. I wasn't really sure how it was going to turn out and what it would look like when it arrived and I have to say, when I opened it I was underwhelmed. It looked much smaller than I'd imagined. But once I'd filled it with my makeup and stacked two sets up together alongside my dressing table, I have to say, I loved the result. So much so that I bought another set for my skincare which is currently sitting on my desk. They're reduced to £5 in ASDA at the moment and must be fairly popular as they come in and out of stock constantly. 

I love how neat they look and how much they can hold! I have so many eye shadow palettes but I was able to stack them up and fit them all in one drawer. Plus I'm using all of my makeup now as previously some of it was hidden away in bags or at the back of drawers and didn't get much use which was a real waste. And because I can see it all displayed I just open the drawer and pick which lipstick/blush/eyeshadow I fancy each day.

So, for a budget friendly, super organised, spacious storage solution, I'm backing ASDA all the way...