Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Eye Shadows: My Pick of the Palettes

Apologies for my absence for the last couple of posts, I've been trying to catch-up with Uni work ready for next year and I was feeling a little poorly, but I'll try and throw an extra couple of posts in this week to make up for it!

So... as the title may suggest, today's post looks at the best eye shadows out there from high street to high end.

Best Budget Buys

A very purse-friendly palette is MUA's Eye Shadow Trio in Innocence which was once my go-to everyday palette, before the days of Naked and Stila. This trio serves up two smokey, smoldering shades and one beautiful pearly shadow which doubles up as a highlighter for a mere £3. Bargain.

But, leading this category is the Sleek i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette in Storm. With neutrals to take you from day to night and a combination of both shimmery and matte shades this is well worth the £7.99 price tag. My only reservation is that the matte shades aren't quite as pigmented as their shimmery counterparts. Although the matte black is very buildable - perfect for lining your eyes.

Medium Price Palettes

At $24 (which is around £16) Sephora's Kiss From 10 Colorful Palette seems a compelling purchase for the smokey-eye veterans out there. Complete with four smoldering shades and a shimmering highlighter, it truly is a beautiful looking palette. But in terms of pigment? I'm afraid this palette falls a little short. Some of the shades are buildable but others are a little too subtle for my liking, though would be good for a barely there makeup looking. Having said that, the highlighter provides a lovely glow when used fairly heavily. 

Leading the medium price palettes is the Stila In The Light Palette which at £25 is tipping the scales towards the heftier end of the medium price range. The colour range? Beautiful! The finish? A lovely mix of mattes and shimmers which makes for a versatile day to night palette mixing delicate champagne's and gilded golds with sophisticated night blue's and smoky ebony. But the thing which has me really raving about this palette is the pigment which is incredible! So soft, so velvety, so blendable. Plus the shade's a very long lasting as a little goes a long way!

High End Hotties 

At a whopping £36 Urban Decay's Naked Palette (mentioned in more detail here) seems quite the investment but it is worth noting that despite the hefty price tag, this palette provides 12 shadows which works out at a bargainous £3 per shade. The beautiful pigment and massive colour range mean that this little palette has become a solid staple in my everyday makeup routine. Like its Sleek and Stila rivals, the wide range of shades can take you from day to night and with matte and shimmery offerings the Naked Palette is all about giving you choices. But unlike the other palettes I love every single shadow that this palette has to offer and the texture is simply stunning.

Finally, tipping the scale at a mahusive £40 Dior's Amber Design 5 Couleurs Designer - All-in-one artistry Palette works out at a hefty £8 per shade. But though each shade is beautiful, unfortunately in comparison to the other palettes, they are not very pigmented. Try as I might, the shadows provide very little colour and some simply deposit specks of glitter onto the lid (and little else) which is not a look I tend to enjoy. Though the packaging is beautiful and the shades look very promising in the pan, overall I have to say I'm underwhelmed... (Although they could work well for the whole barely there look I was going on about earlier). This palette just goes to show that the most expensive products aren't necessarily the best.

So having reviewed all six palettes, the winner is... *drumroll please* the Urban Decay Naked Palette, though closely rivaled by the Stila offering, the pigment is equally beautiful in both palettes but for me, the shades of Naked just take the edge. It's classic but still the best.

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