Wednesday, 17 July 2013

5 Minute Pedi

Primping your tootsies this summer need not be such an ordeal! Follow these tips and tricks for fresh feet in no time!

Whilst perusing the aisles of Morrisons I spotted this 4 in 1 Pedicure Brush which features a nail brush, pumice stone, callus remover and foot file for a bargainous £2! I like to use the cerated callus remover whilst my feet are still dry to work away the tough skin on my heels and toes, a final flourish with the foot file and BAM. That's me done in terms of prepping. It couldn't be easier! 

I've not yet used the nail brush or pumice stone (which I'll save for the shower) but for lovely smooth paws in five minutes there's really no need.

With that done, I turn to my Pure Fiji Body Butter in Coconut. I can't for the life of me remember where I got this from. I'm thinking perhaps as a freebie with a magazine? But I found it at the back of my drawer and just drawled at the smell. It. Is. Delicious!!! And it's so scented that my family can smell my route around the house from the scent of coconut that trails behind me (yum). 

Once the Pure Fiji sinks in, I turn my attention to my toes. A quick slick of my favourite summer shade (for my toes) Rimmel Salon Pro's Cocktail Passion and I'm almost good to go. But to speed up the old drying process I turn to Seche Vite's Dry Fast Top Coat which is a wonder product people! (A more in depth review of this product is coming!) 

So a quick scrub, a touch of body butter, a quick slick of nail varnish and a fast drying top coat... This is my five okay ten minute pedi!