Thursday, 27 June 2013

Perfect Paws

Since it's sandal season getting my feet primped and primed has fallen to the top of my agenda. As luck would have it after signing up for the Body Shop "Love Your Body" card I received the Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub as a free gift *woooop*. First things first, it smells delicious (but then I do love peppermint). I use it as a first step in the shower to help lift the dead skin off my heels (sounds lovely right?). The little granules are surprisingly strong but it doesn't leave a clean finish so after I've dried my tootsies I use the Body Shop File-A-Foot to file away the last layer dead skin.

Next up I use the Flexitol Heel Balm which is "the medically proven treatment for dry & cracked feet". Whilst this sounds a little more medical than manicure (or pedicure) it helps   to quench dry, dehydrated feet. For the best results I find a pair of old socks and leave this to sink in while I potter about (its not the most comfortable feeling in the world but it equals super soft soles).

For a final moisture boost (and to cover the chemical smell of the Flexitol) I use the Mandara Spa Island Paradise moisturising body lotion the smell of grapefruit and lemon leaves my feet feeling fresh and ready for summer.

So prepping done, I turn my attention to my toenails. First I use my nail clippers (no particular brand, just the ones I found in the draw) to trim and shape. I already mentioned O.P.I's Avoplex and Sally Hansen's Double Duty here which is what I use to prep my nails (both on my fingers and toes - yep, I'm dedicated). Then I add a summery shade, today's choice was Nail Paint by Barry M in 262 Coral, before topping with the aforementioned Double Duty and voila summer sandal ready paws, perfect for the sunny season!

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