Friday, 21 September 2012

Secret Obsession: Mucho Morocco

Is it just me, or has moroccan interior design hit EVERYWHERE, I've become addicted, and  at every turn is a new beautiful lantern for me to lust after, whether it's copper, silver, gold or white (like the 2 gorgeous ones sitting proudly on my windowsill). I particularly love them when adorned with purple glass. And like the addict I described earlier, I need my fix! Since moving into my uni house, every store I enter has home decor potential, and after about 200 trips to The Range, my affair with all furnishings is still going strong. Every candle, every purple orchid plant (oooooh I LOVE them), every beautifully embroidered cushion and well just EVERYTHING has been totting up my ever-growing wishlist. I need help. I see AA meetings becoming Aesthetics Anonymous... "Hello, my name is Elle, and I'm home-aholic" Wahhh! 

What is your secret obsession?

Love Elle

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