Thursday, 20 September 2012

Louise Grey for Topshop

Louise Grey for Topshop

Louise Grey for Topshop by ellie-turnermail on Polyvore

(I made this Polyvore collage to accompany an article my friend did for our uni magazine and I have to say, I'm loving the collab!) 

The lovechild of Louise Gray and Topshop, this new make-up collection is an exciting new range with bold, vibrant colours and interesting textures. From bright blue eyeliner to sparkling glitter pots, Gray's daring new collection leaves little to be desired. Although, it's definitely for the more fashion forward, who dare to bare brave shades. And since not all of us feel at home with blue eyebrows a la Louise, Gray's versatile range features black mascara and a multi-purpose brush collection as well as cute makeup bags, to provide something for everyone.

Love Elle

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