Monday, 18 June 2012

Beauty Bible

Beauty Bible

The Ten Beauty Commandments
Follow these tips and tricks for a fun-filled summer! :)

1. Thou shall not over pluck your brows, big brows are big this season!
2. Thou shall not forget to moisturise, especially your lips. (If they crack, they is wack.)
3. Thous shall not overdo the fake tan - I know its summer season but streaky pins are no fun.
4. Thou shall not neglect exfoliator - buff your way to perfect skin!
5. Thou shall not aggravate spots (picking them only makes them worse :/)
6. Thou shall play with fun hair ideas, updo's are in.
7. Thou shall make the most of the sunny weather, a little bit of sun can give you a healthy looking complexion... (leading onto commandment 8).
8. Thou shall apply sun cream, it protects your skin, moisturises your body and smells yummy. Win-win!
9. Thou shall drink lots of water... A hydrated body is a happy body! :)
10. Thou shall not feel guilty that summer means ICE CREAM! Omnomnom!!!

Love Elle xo

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